Who is This?

3-25-18 am
When God speaks something, it WILL come to pass.
Stand in the storm.
Matt 21:1-11 Humble and mounted on a donkey
Zeh 9:9
Rev 7:10    Psal 118:26 God wants you to know who He is.
Luke :14 Gory to God in....
He came to give us life
Ps 46:1-3
God is-
1. Refuge       2. Strength            3.  Help in trouble        4. Fear has to leave
5.  Everything obeys, the earth, mountains fall, waters roar
Tell me who is this!
Redefine-He is the Great I Am.
He's the King of glory   etc.
Ps 46:8-11 Be still and know that I am God.
Heb 4:14-16 High Priest
Ps91:14-16 Ps 18:6-19
Who is the?
He is my Lord.