When God Steps Down

More-More-More of You God
Need to know the plan of God and get ready.
Isa 64:1-11 We need God to come down
1. Obstacles-God will take obstacles totally out of the way
2. Open Sin-lawlessness-Let people see their sin, see where they are
3. Prayerlessness-Show them their prayerlessness, see the result of not praying
4. God's judgement is resting on his people, calling us to attention.
5.  God's house is lacking power. God acts for those who wait for Him.
The Secret of Revival Revealed to those that pray
There must be an intense desire. God step down. Confess anything that's not right.
Eph 4:30-Ps 139:23-24
Don't greive the Spirit.
Put away al sin.
Intense desire for God to move.
Mk 1:2-24
Exercise of our Faith-in unity of spirit.]
True revival comes when God's people want His fire.