Unmistakable Blessings

Pastor Gloria
Unmistakable Blessings come from God
2 TIm 1:7
Power, Love, Self Control
Gen 26 : 1-33 Isaac sowed in the land. Realize where your blessings come from.
 Chronicles 20:1-25 Jehoshaphat overflow in the midst of challenge.  God will fight
for you.
Ephesians 3:20 Abundance, uncommon favor
Exodus 3:1-4 Voice of God. Moses obeyed God.
1 Kings 2:13-14 Elisha-the mantle of God. Elisha obeyed God.
John 2:1-11 Jesus turns water into wine.
Acts 16:25 Paul & Silas-pray, sing, praise at midnight, doors open whide-verse 6
Exodus 17:11 Moses held up his hands and victory came.
1 Kings 17:12 Widow gives her last bit of flour-and God- 
2 Kings 4:3 God does it again
2 kings 5:10 Naaman Go wash in the river Jordan, when he did, he was healed.
Exodus 3:1-17 Moses, 1 Kings 2:16 Elijah, John 2:1-11 Jesus, Acts 16 Paul and Silas,
Exodus 17:11 Moses, 1 Kings 17:12 Widow gave, 2 Kings 4:3 another widow, 2 KIngs 5:10 Naaman
Matt 14:13-21 Boy gives his lunch.
DO  what God tells you and you will reap the harvest!