The Sound of Going

Faith only operates in full dependency on God.
1 Chron 14:13-15 The devil won't stop at one hit, but when you
fight back, he trembles.
1.  David sought the Lord about going to battle.
David in the midst of battle inquired of the Lord. Learn to
listen to the voice of God. Wait on God. You have a voice,
you can deceive yourself as well as the devil can.  Inquire
of the Lord more than once-things can change.
2. God gave him instructions. God told him to go sit under
the mulberry tree and wait for Him.
Sit and wait when God tells you. Watch His power. Listen to
the voice of the Holy Spirit. You can't hear the Spirit if you
aren't tuned to the Spirit.
3. Acts 2:2
1. Carry your Bible -stand ready.
2. Know when to wait
3. Know why you are going to battle (prayer, be specific)
4. Have you heard the sound yet? If not sit still, seek Him.
Jer 10:10-13 When the wind blows.  Wind of God-sound of God.