The Path of RIghteousness

Thursday PM
Show Me, Teach Me, Lead Me, Guide Me
Psalm 4:1-4
Call on the name of the Lord-make requests of Him.
"Relieved me of my distress" because I trusted God.
Quit arguing with God about your situation.
Ps 77:6 I know God is able. Release it-God will relieve 
Exodus 33:13 There is no limitation.  Be specific with
God. Your word says and I blieve it.
Psalms 86:11 So that I might lead others.
Psalm 37:18  You only have so long to get this.  The
Lord knows the day of the upright. Inheritance forever.
Psalm 5:8 Ask God to lead you.  Show me the path that
is right.
Psalm 27:11  If not on right path, get on it!  Lead me in a 
smooth path!.
Psalm 25:9-14 He guides the humble.
Psalms 31:3, 79:9, 109:21, 143:11
Proverbs 19:23 Al of this leads to Psalm 69:36