The Key

Wed. pm
Pastor Gloria
Acts 27:9-44
Every issue has a key or keys to bring everything good as God
shows plainly the answer.
We have to follow what God has laid out in His Word in order
to overcome our issues.
Answer- a spoken or written reply-response.
A correct response to a question, sometimes asked to test
one's knowledge.
God knows the issues we face.  Stand strong in the storm.
Matthew 16:19  The keys of the kingdom I will give you.
 Satan is your enemy.Stay in the boat you will come out on the
other side.  Tighten up your mind. Stay in the boat, you will be
Bind on Earth-Loose on Earth
Bound in Heaven-Loosed in Heaven
Keys that lock and unlock Kingdom Power. Which key goes where. 
God tests you to see if you can overcome.
God will bring you through, no matter the issue.
2 Cor 2:14 
When you are in Christ, He leads you in triumphal procession.
Luke 2:34  
Quit freaking out! Just stand. Every situation has a Key.
There is power in the Name of Jesus.  Satan does not have 
power to stop someone with the Key.
Doing His Will is acting on His Word.
Luke 6:46
The Will or the Word is the key to every situation.
Matthew 7:21 Do what God says.
Guidline to the Will of God.
Mark 4:14-26-29 Look at 30-32
Sow seed & wait.  Then the harvest comes.
Receiving Your Key
Isaiah 55: 8-11
James 1:5
Keys are no good unless they are used.
1. Obedience is the Key to the Keys.
2. Look at Johah.
3. Look at Paul-Jesus said hear His sayings and do them.
Let's use our Keys to the Kingdom-starting NOW!