Say What?!

Venture Church
2 Cor 4:7-9. 13
Therefore having this ministry by the mercy of GOd, we do not
lose heart.
Why are you fighting against the truth?
Paul thought he knew the truth til the truth came. God knocked
Paul off his horse and blinded him. Someone came to lead him.
Do not lose heart.  Find the truth and walk in the truth.
IF satan can defeat you. What are you goingto do when trials 
come. Do you know who you are?  We have treasure in jars of clay.
Don't get caught up in things that will take you away from God.
We go through stuff but we'll come out of it.
Say, "I can make it through this with God as my helper."
Through Him, offer a sacrifice of praise. Heb 13:15
You can make it through this.
When you go through hard times it is all in how you handle it.
What you say and what you do.
2 COr 6:9 Your worth is in God.
2 TIm 2:11  Death to self, (flesh) be happy in God.
Quit cursing the ground you are on.