Revelation Is…

Holy Expectation.
Isaiah 56:1
We have to be ready for Revelation.  To line up
with the will of God, we have to be ready.  You 
have to be part of the revelation by being ready
to receive.
Seek God, want revelation, participate, pray, talk
to God, draw close to God.
Revelation is Holy and He sends revelation to Holy
Psalm 50:15 Call on the name of the Lord.
Exodus 19:10 Do you want your name in the Lamb's
Book of Life?
Joshua 3:11 God presence, obedience, expectation.
He is looking for someone who has expectation.  If
you honor God, he will honor you.  Jesus is getting 
ready to come.
Joshua 7:1 People broke faith, when they did it cost
a great price.  They didn't take God at His word.  
Many were killed.
Are you ready for the revelation?
Exra 8:21-23 Prayer of protection-the hand of GOd is 
for good on all who seek Him.  One thing will protect
you is prayer. Humble self, pray for protection. Don't
give up, don't lose expectation.
Matthew 3: Sometimes we have to repent-for His
kingdom is at hand.
Acts 20:21 It's a lifestyle-We live out loud.
Seeking the faceof God is a lifestyle.
Don't lose your expectation.
Psalm 15:1-2 He is a dwelling place.
God wants to know you love Him.
Do what's right. Respecpeople around you.
Learn what's holy.  Seek  with all your heart.
Dedicate your life to God.
Psalm 66:17-20 Hebrews 12:14, Jeremiah 32:17-19
IF we hold on to sin, He won't hear us.
Seek Him, Serve Him.