Pastor Gloria
Romans 7:14-20 Starting place. You can't make it
without Jesus.
1. The law is spiritural, but I am carnal.
2. Sold under sin
Just can't seem to act right.
Satan is out to take you out.
Leviticus 26:23-25 OT
If you will not be reformed.
Walk contrary.
You will be punished 7 times for your sins.
If you walk contrary to God, He will walk contrary to you.
You can try to do better.
There is more than you reforming yourself.
Praise God for grace! We would all be guilty.
Romans 8:3,4 Law-flesh-God sending His own son (Powerful-
read it all)
Law of flesh-requires a penalty.
God gave us a way out.
Can't reform yourself. Instead trust God.
Law was our guardian until Christ came, in order
that we might be justified by faith.
We are now under grace.
Galatians 3:13-Redeemed from the curse.
Galations 3: 24, 25 After faith is come (Justified)
Galations 4: 4,5 But at the right time-fulness of time-Christ.
Romans 10:4 Christ is the end.
1. Conforming-is external-more concerned with how things look.
2. Reforming is external-try to improve by ones self.
3. Transforming- is internal ( a change of the quality of a thing-change
of behaviour.)
Ephesians 3:19