Protect Your Walk with God

Pastor Gloria
1. Protect your personal spiritual space and refuse to allow
division or strife to rule in any part of your life.
2 Find your place of peace- safe guard it - otherwise your
heart will be filled with chaos and confusion.
3. You cannot walk in the spirit and be angry and divisive at 
the same time.
4. Choose the course you will take and no matter the cost-walk
in love (stick to it)
Col 3:15
And let the peace of GOd rule in your hearts to which also you were
called in one body, and be thankful.  Don't be in fear and torment.
Guard your heart. Learn the voices, God, yours, devil's.
Col 13-15 Character of the new man. Tells it all
1 Peter 1:2 LUke 1:78
Phil 3:1-3, 7 This is something you'll repeat your whole life over and overc