Out of the Midst of Fire

Pastor Gloria
Out of the midst of fire comes the voice of God.
Joel 2:1-5 The day of the Lord is near.
In the midst of it all comes the voice of God.
Ex 19:16-19 the call of God (Moses)
How God reveals Himself.  Sometimes in anger.  The voice
of God is just as real today as in Moses time. The Day of
the Lord is near. God is a God of miracles.
Amos 8:8-10 Set your house in order.  Are you on God's side?
Or the side of man? God is trying to tell you something.  Out
of the midst of fire comes the voice of God.
Deut 5:2-25 Why should we die?
Haggai2 :6 Show His power. He will shake everything.
He is coming, a devouring fire, a mighty tempest.
Psalms 50:6 Don't leave God out of your plans.
His voice will be heard.  You can't ignore Him.
The heavens declare his righteousness.
Gen :8 God's original creations-Peace, Joy, Love
Joel 1:19-20The words from the mouth of God come to pass.
Everyone will hear is voice. You act
like you are never going to die.
Psalm 97:1-6 Cosmic shake down. Joel 2:10-11
Earthquakes- heavens tremble-Darkness
The Lord reigns, let the Earth rejoice.
If you love Him, keep His commandments.
People get ready, Jesus is coming.
Fire of revival coming.