Living Life in a Forward Motion

Pastor Gloria
Sunday am
Phil 3:1-16 Loss Gain
Something has to click on the inside of you that says I'm going forward!
Whatever gain I had I count as loss for the sake of Christ.
It's about God.
Luke 14:33 Cannot be my disciple.
Heb 11:26 Do what you do for the sake of Christ.
1.  When Paul came to Christ everything changed-gain-loss
Paul's account changed completely.
2.  Christ is the ultimate gain.
Matt 16:25-26 Paul and Jesus got on the same page.
Phil 3:8 Surpassing worth of knowing Christ.
Isa 53:11 Out of the anguish of His soul.
Jn 17:3 He shall see-And this is eternal life that you know the
only true God, and Jesus Christ.
 Peter 1:3 His divine power granted.
Pertain to 1. Life, 2. Godliness, 3. Knowledge
He has granted precious - very great promises
We may become partakers of the divine nature -
sinful desire gone.
NOW let's move FORWARD
Make every effort.
Supplement-Something that completes or enhances
something else when added to it.  Increase-boosts,
amplifies.  Enlarge-larger, bigger, greater, complement.
Widen, broaden, expand.
In Him, we Live and have our being.
Living Life in Forward Motion.