Hear This Dream (One Word from God)

Venture Church
2Cor 4:5-10 Favor, God wants to take you forward.
You are favored for a purpose-providential)
To be used by God, we have to have character and 
Something has to change.
Holy Ghost wantsto take you to a new level.
Joseph had a right to retaliate.
You may have a right.
But God says, "Vengeneance is Mine."
Do whatever it takes so that you can receive
from God.
You can't receive from God without going to another level.
Gen 37:5-8
1. Dream-One word from God.
2. His brothers hated him even more
3. What satan intends of evil, God will use for good
Verse 9-He dreamed another dream and told it to his brothers.
verse 10- He told it to his earthly father
4.  What is this dream you have dreamed?
James 1:2-14 Gen 50:20
Joseph had a right to pay back.
A. God can turn around tragedy for good.
B. HE takes us through dark seasons in our lives.
C. He always will have a purpose-and hope at the end. Ps 118:6