God’s Reflective Glory

Sunday am
Pastor Gloria
Ps 8:1-9 How Excellent is Your Name! The greatest of God.
We are reflective of God's Glory. The whole earth is filled
with His glory. We represent Him, HIs love, His Mercy, His
peace, His goodness.
Matt 21:19 His Love is greater than the heavens. Read the
scripture so you will understand. His love is deeper than
the sea.  His glory shines off of us and reflects His glory.
1 Cor 15:10 By the grace of God I am what I am.
He is ours by revelation, redemption and realization of who
He is. Our personal God.
Excellent in all the earth-exalted in all the heavens.
Gen 2:19 says it all. God formed man out of the ground.
Every beast of the field, birds of the heavens.
When God does something, He does it right.
1 Samuael 17:45 In the name of the Lord, withstand the attacks
of the enemy.
Ps 115:16 The heavens are the Lord's but the earth He has given
to the children of men.
Ps 148:4 Praise Him!
He is our Revelation, Redemption, Realization of who He is.
Excellent in all the earth.
Exalted in all the heavens.
Sunday pm
Ps 8:1 How majestic is your name.
There is Power in the name of Jesus.
Ps. 103:1 Bless the Lord of my soul.
How can you be reflective of God?
Depend on God.
Can't live in the past.
Relflected in the way we love, care.
Forget not His benefits.
We are loaded with power and love.
Christ in you.
Deposit of heaven in you.  We have power.
Dont forget all His benefits.
Forgives all iniquities (weaknesses passed down
one generation to next)
Heals all your diseases.
You are a reflection of God in the Earth.
Redeems your lifefrom the pit.
Crownd you with steadfast love and mercy.