Go to the Other Side

Pastor Gloria
Be about the Father's business in the midst of it all.
God will take care of you.  Whatever He calls you to do
He will equip you to do.  Learn this walk with God. He
won't ask you to do something unless He prepares you.
Mark 6:31-45
Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.
desolate-empty, no supply, you can't provide for yourself.
32 They went away in the boat to a desolate place by themselves.
Mark 3:9 You get a boat ready.  Jesus knew what the crowd would
do. You have to get involved-put something of yourself into it.
Mark 6:37-39 He commanded them.  Jesus said, "You feed them."
You do it!
45 Immediately after the miracle he made them get into the boat.
He didn't get into the boat with them.  In desolate place, depend on
God.  Rest. He went to the mountain to pray.  Choice in desolate place.
Have to walk it out yourself.  Winds against them.
46 He sent them away. He departed to the mountain to pray.
48 He saw them toiling in rowing for the wind was against them.
It's not going to happen until Jesus makes it happen.  He saw them
rowing and it's hard.  Keep in your life what it takes to touch God.
Yesterday is over.  What is the next chapter in God?  He knows it
is painful.  He knows we are in a desolate place.
When miracles happen it is time to move forward.
Hebrews 11:3  He merely spoke and it was done.  By faith we understand.
Psalm 33:9 Nothing is impossible with God. What do we do to touch the
heart of God.  Go to the other side of despair.
Matt 8:23-27, John 6:16-21, John9:1-7, Acts3:1-10
Do something-pray.  Go to the other side, don't depend on yesterdays
miracle.  Go to the other side.
John 11:43-44 Lazarus raised from the dead.
1 Corinthians 15:16-19
Why a desolate place?
Why Bethsaida?
Why me? Why there?
Go to the other side.
Time to move on. Throw your shoulders back. "I can make it." Another
miracle will happen.  Get beyond the miracle that happened years ago.
Go forward to a new miracle.