For Such a TIme As This

Esther 4:14
Pastor Gloria
3-3-19 am
 Esther 4:14 If a thing is of God, it will stand.  If it is not
of God, it won't stand.  Don't let anyone persuade you
to go against God.  Take a side.  If you are a Christian
find your place in the house of God and the work of
God.  Get involved, stand your post. Move when God
says Move.  For such a time as this. Stand for God and
He will stand for you
Kingdom Plan
Lev 26:4 Blood Covenant.  Love God, Love people.
Our land is in trouble.
Gen 17:1-8
Rom 2:29 Circumcision of the Heart-sometimes it hurst.
Are you part of the kingdom plan?
Gen 22:14
My Provider
Josh 49:23
Wind of Change as we serve the King.
Pastor Gloria PM
This Rock Won't Move
Everything about God is foundational. He is a rock that
cannot be moved.  The Rock won't move!
Isaiah 28:16  God says I am the one who laid a foundation.
Psalm 118:2 Jesus is the Rock, cornerstone. The stone the
builder rejected has become the cornerstone.  This is the
Lord's doing.
If it's not of God, run from it.  With Him comes stability.
Serve God and He will make the path plain and He will
keep you one step ahead of the enemy. Satan cannot
cross the Bloodline.
Acts 4:11  God will do what He wants to do.
1.  The foundation of a building determines its strength.
2. There is longevity when you know who you are.
3. He is the cornerstone,.
4. Christ is that stone-always remember.
Acts 3:1-12