Expect Divine Intervention (Eye Witness to Miracles)

Pastor Gloria
Matt 19:26
Everything you are going to receive, you are going to have to expect.
MUST have EXPECTATION!  Expect divine intervention.  God wants to show you.
Believe and He WILL show you. It doesn't matter how it feels, Trust God. Believe
"I have His power in me."  Jesus lives in my heart.  Christ in us.  "Greater things
than this shall you do."
When the devil attacks, go on the offensive and attack him back.  We have
power over all the works of the devil.  If you ask anything in My  Name.
You will go through things in life.  You have power within you. You said
in Your Word! You WILL be tested and tried, but will you stand?
Acts 3:16
By faith in the name of Jesus.  Trust and wait on God.
Deut 10:21
He is the only one that should be praised. To God be the glory.
Ex 15:26
Just listen.  Only a fool will not take instruction. The arm of flesh will
fail you. People won't admit they are wrong.  Listen to God-His Word and
do what is right in His eyes.  Walk it through in faith>.
Ex 15:1-2, 9-10
The devil says I will pursue and overtake you, but God always
has the last word.
Jer 32:27
Is there anything too hard for GOD?
John 2:11
His disciples believed in Him.
Luke 18:7
All possible.
Mark 23:24-29 Truth Revealed
You can make it.
Rom 15:18-19 powerful  Acts 19:11-12, Job 5:89
Eph 3:20-21 TO God be all the Glory
Expect Divine Intervention.  EXPECT
Be excited about what you are involved in.
Trust God in this. You're gonna make it!
No matter what it looks like.
Want divine intervention?
Expect it.
Don't lose heart.
Stay in the presence of God.
Be strengthened in your inner most being.
Be rooted and grounded in love.
Acts 4:29-31, Mark 16:17-20