Conditional Statement : If/Then

Pastor Dennis
Sunday Morning
Covenant is made available to us.  If/then conditional statement.
If you don't serve God, you have no right to ask.
Covenant of God is conditional.  GIve and it shall be given unto you.
What do I want? Then treat people that way.
We live in an "You owe me" generation. We must teach our children
the If/Then principle.  GOd made covenant Deut 29:9- do this and you will 
prosper.  If you keep the words of the covenant then you will prosper
in all you do.  Listen and DO what God says - then God CAN. 
When you tithe, you release the hand of God to bless you. Deut 28:2
Blessings come on you IF you listen to God and DO.
Establish you a Holy People.  We do first what HE SAYS the we are blessed.
God wants you to be blessed. Deut 28:10 Pray for our country, our 
president. 28:13 You are the head and not the tail- Above and not beneath
IF you DO the commandments of the Lord.  Responsibility on our part.
Each of us has different things to deal with.  Where is your passion? Does
it belong to God? Surrender to Him.  Josh 1:8 God directs our path.  God is
in the middle of our lives. Blessings come if we fulfill our part of the  IF/THEN.
God is obligated to His covenant, but if you DON"T DO your part, God doesn't
have to do his part.
Deut 29:10 GOd wants complete surrender to covenant.
Desires of our hearts IF we please Him. If we are not blessed it is because we
refuse to be obedient.