Christ Directed Life

Pastor Gloria
A life moving in the right direction, not a self centered life.
To succeed in life, ask what God wants, are we in line?
Learn the will of God. He doesn't intend for you to control
your own life.
Matthew 7:7  1. Ask 2. Seek  3. Find
He will answer you. Wait for the answer and it will be given to you.
Prov 8:17 Those who see Me, find Me.
"I love those who love me.  And those who diligently seek me, will
find me."
God wants you to find Him (Truly know Him)
Jeremiah 9:23, 24 He wants us to understand and know about him.
1. It is a time for Reformation-becoming better, making corrections.
Ec. 9:11 Christ centered life.
Isa 47:10 He alone knows the way to life.
Ps 16:5-11 He will reveal the path we are to take.
Ps 20:4-7 Our trust is in the Name of the Lord.  Fear NOT, trust.
Gal 6:6-10 We share in good things. v 7 God is not mocked.
"For whatsoever a man sows, that he will also reap."
2. Every generation will increase in the Light of Revelation
of knowing Him.
3. Greater understanding of His goodness and love in these
last days.
4.  God is the one who brings light out of darkness.
5.  He gave light of His knowledge of the Glory of God in
the face of Jesus Christ.
11 Cor 4:6
6. Hab 2:14 the Earth will be full of His glory.
7. Time of revealing his Will, Power, Purpose, Knowledge
and his Name.
Ex 6: 6-7
Deut 7:7-12
1 chron 29:17
Ps 4:23
Ps 10:4
Ps 32:8-10
Ps 46: 10-11
Ps 100: 2-5
Prov 2: 1-9
Isa 43: 10-1
Isa 55: 6-7
Jer 24: 6-7
Dan 11: 32
Hosea 4:1
John 4: 6-13
Let's grow in Him together.