Break Through the Darkness

Pastor Gloria
Matt 28:19 You can live above sin if you want to.
You have to decide. Make disciples, spend time
with them.  When there are strongholds, break
through the darkness. You will face adversity.
God wants you to get beyond sin.  It's not okay.
God will show you how to overcome.  He is the
only one who can break through the darkness.
Observe all things. If you love me you will keep
my commandments.
1 John 5: 18,19  God wants you to overcome the
things of darkness.  "Everyone who is born of God,
does not keep on sinning."  The whole world lies
in the power of the evil one. Live the example of
the Kingdom of God. It is either Light or dark, there
is no in between.
2 TIm 2:26 ...and they may come to their senses and
escape the snare of the devil after being captured
by him to do his will.
Eph 6:12  Spiritual breakthrough comes through
prayer.  It only comes when you learn to pray.
Jesus is coming, no time for playing games.
Daniel 10:12-14 Prayer will weaken our opposition.
A man who prayed-stood strong. Satan doesn't
want you to break through the darkness.  Break
through is a military concept- invade,  take enemy
Col 1:3  When God moves..Pray, weaken the opposition.
Eph 6:16 Breakthrough takes determination.  Seeking
the power of God to move.  When you pray there is a
battle going on.  God will send you reinforcements.
1 John 4:4 Don't lose heart. Remember prayer will
weaken the opposition.
Jn 16:33, Luke 18:8