The Sound of Going

Faith only operates in full dependency on God.
1 Chron 14:13-15 The devil won't stop at one hit, but when you
fight back, he trembles.
1.  David sought the Lord about going to battle.
David in the midst of battle inquired of the Lord. Learn to
listen to the voice of God. Wait on God. You have a voice,
you can deceive yourself as well as the devil can.  Inquire
of the Lord more than once-things can change.
2. God gave him instructions. God told him to go sit under
the mulberry tree and wait for Him.
Sit and wait when God tells you. Watch His power. Listen to
the voice of the Holy Spirit. You can't hear the Spirit if you
aren't tuned to the Spirit.
3. Acts 2:2
1. Carry your Bible -stand ready.
2. Know when to wait
3. Know why you are going to battle (prayer, be specific)
4. Have you heard the sound yet? If not sit still, seek Him.
Jer 10:10-13 When the wind blows.  Wind of God-sound of God.

Hear This Dream (One Word from God)

Venture Church
2Cor 4:5-10 Favor, God wants to take you forward.
You are favored for a purpose-providential)
To be used by God, we have to have character and 
Something has to change.
Holy Ghost wantsto take you to a new level.
Joseph had a right to retaliate.
You may have a right.
But God says, "Vengeneance is Mine."
Do whatever it takes so that you can receive
from God.
You can't receive from God without going to another level.
Gen 37:5-8
1. Dream-One word from God.
2. His brothers hated him even more
3. What satan intends of evil, God will use for good
Verse 9-He dreamed another dream and told it to his brothers.
verse 10- He told it to his earthly father
4.  What is this dream you have dreamed?
James 1:2-14 Gen 50:20
Joseph had a right to pay back.
A. God can turn around tragedy for good.
B. HE takes us through dark seasons in our lives.
C. He always will have a purpose-and hope at the end. Ps 118:6

Say What?!

Venture Church
2 Cor 4:7-9. 13
Therefore having this ministry by the mercy of GOd, we do not
lose heart.
Why are you fighting against the truth?
Paul thought he knew the truth til the truth came. God knocked
Paul off his horse and blinded him. Someone came to lead him.
Do not lose heart.  Find the truth and walk in the truth.
IF satan can defeat you. What are you goingto do when trials 
come. Do you know who you are?  We have treasure in jars of clay.
Don't get caught up in things that will take you away from God.
We go through stuff but we'll come out of it.
Say, "I can make it through this with God as my helper."
Through Him, offer a sacrifice of praise. Heb 13:15
You can make it through this.
When you go through hard times it is all in how you handle it.
What you say and what you do.
2 COr 6:9 Your worth is in God.
2 TIm 2:11  Death to self, (flesh) be happy in God.
Quit cursing the ground you are on.

Awesomeness of God’s Deeds

Sunday 21 PM
Psalms 66:3  Shout for joy to God, al the earth.
David's own son stole his kingdom.
Find something in the midst of your problem to shout about.
When you feel down, shout your way through the problem.
Satan wants you to have a bad report.  When you get a bad
report, you have a choice.  Trust in God. Act like is is your answer.
Step out in faith.
How do we act in the midst of a bad report?
Praise Him in the midst of it all.
Walk right through the storm.
Ps 81:1 Sing aloud to GOd.
Find a song to sing in low times.
Encourage yourself in the Lord.
Bear up under whatever you go through.
When you are down, listen to someone who is up.
Praise God no matter what.
Ps 66:3.  Say to God.  Talk to Him.

Revelation Is…

Holy Expectation.
Isaiah 56:1
We have to be ready for Revelation.  To line up
with the will of God, we have to be ready.  You 
have to be part of the revelation by being ready
to receive.
Seek God, want revelation, participate, pray, talk
to God, draw close to God.
Revelation is Holy and He sends revelation to Holy
Psalm 50:15 Call on the name of the Lord.
Exodus 19:10 Do you want your name in the Lamb's
Book of Life?
Joshua 3:11 God presence, obedience, expectation.
He is looking for someone who has expectation.  If
you honor God, he will honor you.  Jesus is getting 
ready to come.
Joshua 7:1 People broke faith, when they did it cost
a great price.  They didn't take God at His word.  
Many were killed.
Are you ready for the revelation?
Exra 8:21-23 Prayer of protection-the hand of GOd is 
for good on all who seek Him.  One thing will protect
you is prayer. Humble self, pray for protection. Don't
give up, don't lose expectation.
Matthew 3: Sometimes we have to repent-for His
kingdom is at hand.
Acts 20:21 It's a lifestyle-We live out loud.
Seeking the faceof God is a lifestyle.
Don't lose your expectation.
Psalm 15:1-2 He is a dwelling place.
God wants to know you love Him.
Do what's right. Respecpeople around you.
Learn what's holy.  Seek  with all your heart.
Dedicate your life to God.
Psalm 66:17-20 Hebrews 12:14, Jeremiah 32:17-19
IF we hold on to sin, He won't hear us.
Seek Him, Serve Him.

Revelation Now

4-19-18 pm
Venture Church
From Pastor Gloria's sermon
Are you ready when revelation comes?
If you aren't ready, you will miss it.
Study to show yourself approved.
Only God can change a heart.
All we can do is love people.
Don't be condemning.
Stick to the Word.
Let no man steal your crown.
Hebrews 11:1 Now Faith
Isa 53.11
Jer 9: 23-24
John 17:3
2 Peter 1:3
Are you redy for new revelation?


pm prayer
Heaven has the RIght of Way.
Keep things in order or satan will sneak up on you.
1 Sam 3:10 Grow in grace.
Let Heaven speak to you.
Yield to God. God, what do you want?
Isa 6:8 Who shall I send?
Acts 9:1-9 Sight, but not seeing
One is fighting the Way
verse 10 One is yielding to the Way

Who is This?

3-25-18 am
When God speaks something, it WILL come to pass.
Stand in the storm.
Matt 21:1-11 Humble and mounted on a donkey
Zeh 9:9
Rev 7:10    Psal 118:26 God wants you to know who He is.
Luke :14 Gory to God in....
He came to give us life
Ps 46:1-3
God is-
1. Refuge       2. Strength            3.  Help in trouble        4. Fear has to leave
5.  Everything obeys, the earth, mountains fall, waters roar
Tell me who is this!
Redefine-He is the Great I Am.
He's the King of glory   etc.
Ps 46:8-11 Be still and know that I am God.
Heb 4:14-16 High Priest
Ps91:14-16 Ps 18:6-19
Who is the?
He is my Lord.

When God Steps Down

More-More-More of You God
Need to know the plan of God and get ready.
Isa 64:1-11 We need God to come down
1. Obstacles-God will take obstacles totally out of the way
2. Open Sin-lawlessness-Let people see their sin, see where they are
3. Prayerlessness-Show them their prayerlessness, see the result of not praying
4. God's judgement is resting on his people, calling us to attention.
5.  God's house is lacking power. God acts for those who wait for Him.
The Secret of Revival Revealed to those that pray
There must be an intense desire. God step down. Confess anything that's not right.
Eph 4:30-Ps 139:23-24
Don't greive the Spirit.
Put away al sin.
Intense desire for God to move.
Mk 1:2-24
Exercise of our Faith-in unity of spirit.]
True revival comes when God's people want His fire.

What Happens When We Praise?

Praise releases power from on high.
Ps 150:2  Ps 32:8   Ps. 35:28  Focus on Heaven.
Ps 95:2-3 Humility
Ps 35:18 Bows Down in Praise
Praise breaks the back of your enemy
2 Chron 20:2
Praise halts the plan of satan-defeats entirely, completely
Ps 103:2-4    Heb 13:15 Live by Faith and trust-praise
Heaven is waiting for the sound of praise.

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