Mrs. Maroney

Years ago I was a first grade teacher in a wonderful Christian
school and I was blessed to have as my principal, Mrs. Betty
She was an example to all of us in so many ways.  She loved
the children unconditionally and the teachers as well.   She
was the epitome of organization. She ran our school like clock
work.  The minute she knew of an upcoming event, it went on
the schedule and was discussed at every teacher's meeting.
We knew exactly what was happening when and were always
prepared because of her guidance.  Nothing took us by surprise
and things ran smoothly because of her leadership.
But, the thing that impressed me most about this amazing leader
was the way she handled problems of any kind.  If we went to
her about a problem with a student or a personal problem of any
kind, her first response was, "Let's pray about it."  And we did.
Never was a discussion about anything begun without us going
to the Lord in prayer first.
What a wonderful legacy to leave to all she worked with.  Put the
Lord first in every situation and He will help you work it out.  Our
own self effort is futile without His guidance.
Let's all incorporate Mrs. Maroney's solution into every problem
we face.  Lets , let our first response be, "Let's pray about it."

Which Way?

In life, there are lots of directions we can take. There's
the world's way, there's the devils way, there's our own
way, and there is God's way.
Which way do you think works best? Kind of a no-brainer,
right? God's way is always the best.  How do we know His
Way?  By reading and studying His Word.  Remember in
school when the answers used to be in the back of the book?
When you were taking a test, it WASN"T OK to look in the
back of the book for the answers!
BUT, in life, when tests come, God wants us to "look in the
back of the book" to find our answers.
I was thinking about one particular test that most of us go
through at one time or another in our lives, that of being sick.
What does God tell us about that test?
James 5:14,15. "Is anyone among you sick?  Let him call
for the elders of the church. And let them pray over him, anointing
him wth oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer of faith will save
the sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed
sins, he will be forgiven."
I'm not saying don't go to the doctor, not at all, but I am saying
include God.  Do what He says and believe His Word. Not just
about illness, but in every test you face.  Look in the Word, find
your answer and stand on that word til the answer manifests.

The Truth About JK

In this world of texting, we are all familiar with the abbreviation
JK.  "Just Kidding"  Today, you will learn the ugly truth behind
Ever heard someone make a mean remark or insulting comment
and then laugh and say, "Oh, I was just kidding!"? 
How about the scripture "Out of the abundance of the heart, the
mouth speaks." Luke 6:45  Did you realize that in order for something
to come out of your mouth it has to be in your heart long enough to
bring you to a point to speak it out of your mouth?
Listen to what is coming out of your mouth.  Is it lining up with the
Word?  Listen to what is coming out of the mouths of others.  Before
you get into close fellowship with someone, listen to what they are
Starting today, let's focus on being a blessing and speaking blessing
to and about others. To bless literally means to speak well of.  It's time
to take responsibility for our words. 
I taught my children, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything
at all."   God says that "We will give account of every idle word."  Let's be
careful of our words and don't try to soften the harsh ones with JK!

Have You Looked in The Mirror Lately?

I was sitting in our favorite spot on the couch, all snuggled up with my grandson,
 Reilly, when he was about 5 years old, when he looked up at me with those
beautiful blue eyes and said, "Gi Gi, are you getting old?"
"No, honey, of course not," I replied.  He said, "Have you looked at yourself lately?"
Cracked me up! He wasn't being ugly, just making an honest observation.
In the natural, I think it should be a law for everyone to have a full length mirror
so they can take a good look-top to bottom, front and back, before venturing out
of the house.
In the spiritual, I want to ask, have you looked in the mirror lately?  God's Word is
a reflection of what He wants from each of us as we walk out our journey here on
earth.  When we look into His mirror we can see if our lives are lining up with His
expectations and desires.  And just as we need to look in the mirror daily before
we venture out, we need to find the time to look in God's mirror daily before we
start our day.

John 13:34 “This is my commandment, that you love one another as

I've been attending COTP for 25 years.  And through those many years
there has been the underlying theme from our pastor of LOVE. A loving God,
and loving people.  This was a concept that I had to struggle to understand.
 I had been raised to believe that God was up there waiting for me to do
 something wrong so He could get me. The little experience I had with
church was in a denomination that focused mainly on hell and getting you
saved, but not much on walking in love.
Seeing God as a loving father was something I didn't understand for a long
time.  What we are taught and exposed to as children has such a powerful
effect on us.  My parents loved me but they were extremely critical and be-
cause of my personality, I didn't feel loved.  I knew in my head they loved me
but I didn't feel it in my heart.  My daddy told me once in his lifetime that he
loved me.  Now, I don't blame them, I know it was because of the way they
were raised.  But I did determine in my heart that when I had children , I would
do everything in my power to let them know how much I loved them.
As I grew in faith and was continually hearing and being taught about the love
God has for us, I also became determined they would know how much God
loved them too.  I would often say, "I love you, but God loves you even more."
We are constantly around people in this world, in our families, in our work,
everywhere who need to see the love of God displayed through his children.
That's us! Jesus was the friend of sinners.  He didn't treat them with distain,
He loved them into the Kingdom. He was good to them.  I think He expects
the same of us.  We need to love people right where they are.  Be someone's
example of unconditional love. 

Don’t Run, Stay Put

Is ministry in your heart?  Has the Lord called you to ministry?
What is ministry?,
The Lord woke me up this morning and told me to look up the
definition of  ministry-  I found these explanations of the word,
ministry-the act of serving,  a chief servant, give things needful,
supply means of relief,  a subordinate agent, to give aid or
service, attending and serving as a subordinate agent.
I realize now as I look back over my life that all of life is either
ministry or preparation for ministry.  Each one of us who have
been bought by the blood of Jesus are in ministry whether we
ever stand behind a pulpit or not. And most often our training
comes from learning to interact with those around us as Christ
would.  I heard it said that people are the medicine bottles through
which God pours out the medicine we need.
I remember as a young Christian thinking, God please surround
me with Christians.  Life would be so easy if I didn't have to deal
with all these difficult people!! Well, life might be easier, but where
would the ministry be? I had a real "Light bulb" experience as I
spoke to another Christian at our small group meeting one night.
She was talking about how difficult it was for her when her husband's
family came around because none of them were Christians. I
suddenly saw what it meant to be a light in a dark place.  
Often God will save us and set us as a solitaire right in the middle
of a bunch of unsaved people.  What does He expect from us?
Does He want us to run away because it is hard?  I don't think so!
Once people know you are a Christian they are watching you.
They watch how you react in every situation and they hold you to
a higher standard. 
What characteristics are you displaying to a lost and dying world?
Do you react like the unsaved in difficult situations?  Or is there
something different about you?
Are you looking down your nose at others because of their
"lostness" or because they aren't as advanced in their Christian
walk as you think they should be? Or are you loving them with
 God's unconditional love?
There is no place for pride or haughtiness in God's servants.
I remember after I got serious with God, saying to Him so many
times "Thank you Lord for not giving up on me!!" God has been
long suffering with each of us as we grow in Him.  I believe He
wants us to be imitators of Him as "dear children."
Are you in a difficult situation-in your family, at your work, even
in your church?  We are imperfect people dealing with imperfect
people and no matter where you go, there will be more imperfect
people to deal with.  Let's back off and take a fresh look at our
situations through God's eyes.  Your steps are ordered by God.
Has he led you to situations where you are dealing with difficult,
imperfect people? Stay put, don't run. Learn the lesson, be the


Pastor's sermon was so good yesterday!  As she was speaking
something she said really jumped out at me. She said, "If you have
 so much stuff that you are having to work 80 hours a week to pay for it all,
then get rid of some of the stuff!"

It is so easy in our society to get caught up in buying, buying, buying!
Only to become enslaved to paying, paying, paying!
Joyce Meyers says it this way, "If it's not bearing fruit, get rid of it."
My daughter, Wendi, is the best person I know at putting this principle
into practice.  She was born organized.  Definitely a God given gift.
Periodically, she goes through her house finding things that she no
longer needs or uses and she gives those things to organizations
that can use them. For her it is a way of life.  It benefits her, because
she isn't covered in clutter and it certainly benefits all the people who
are the recipients of the things she finds new homes for.
Unfortunately, I don't have that gift.  My parents went through the
great depression and were savers and keepers.  My mother's favorite
 expression was "this is probably good for something." So we didn't throw
 anything away or get rid of it.  This leads to having a lot of STUFF!! 
 This quality which was passed on to me  from my mother , drives my
 Wendi crazy!!  So , l she and I have begun the process of going through
 my house, room by room, getting rid of stuff.
  We have a stack for Good Will. The women's shelter,
 and many other organizations (I can't remember all the names, but Wendi does.-
she knows the place that every item needs to go to be used best by
someone who needs it most.)
  All that STUFF that has been stuck in closets(gathering dust)
, will be going to new locations where it will be used by people who need it.
As I was pondering this principle this morning, I began to apply it to our
lives in general.  Are there things taking up space (time)in our lives  that are
not fruitful? Things that are not lining up with the Word of God?
 Maybe it's time to take a good look, and get rid of the things
that are not bearing fruit, the things that are keeping us from God's Best.
  Maybe it's time to get rid of some of the STUFF.

What Was I Thinking?

I am convinced that THE most important thing we can do in
order to have a successful Christian life is to become aware
of what we are thinking!  Every action, whether good or bad
is preceded by a thought.
Do you want your life to line up with the Word of God?  Then
you MUST become aware of what you are thinking.   2 Cor. 10:5
..bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.
It is time to take this scripture literally.  Most of us live most of
our lives not realizing that we CAN control what we think. Yes,
thoughts come unbidden, but we can be sure they don't stay
around.  Remember, you can't stop the birds from flying over-
head, but you can keep them from building  a nest in your hair!
Start thinking about what you are thinking about!  The minute
you become aware of a thought that does not line up with the
Word of God, replace it with a God thought.
"Finally, bretheren, whatever things are true, whatever things are
noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever
things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any
virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy, meditate on these
things." Phil 4:8
Gail Ruth 

Wait a minute while I re-focus!

Did you know that what you focus on, you get more of?
I used to teach small children and I always remembered
what I had been taught in college.  "Catch them doing
something right!"  Then reinforce that.  Much of what little
children do is for attention and it sometimes seems that
they don't really care if it is positive or negative attention
as long as they are the center of attention!
In our Christian walk and life in general, the same principal
holds true.  What you focus on you get more of.  Apply that
to what is going on your life and it can be a real eye opener!
It is so easy to focus on the negative.  I don't know why, I
think it is just human nature. But, if we want positive results
it might be time for a change!
Are you focusing on the problem or the PROMISE?  It is
time to think about what you are thinking about!!  YOU are
the only one who can control your thoughts. 
Whatever the problem you are facing right now, it's time to
take positive action! First, find all the scriptures you can
concerning your particular predicament.  Write them down.
Put them where you can see them. Write them on 3X5 cards and
take them with you.  When you are stopped at a red light,
take them out and read them. When you are waiting anywhere
take them out and read them.  Anytime the problem tries to
take the forefront in your thinking ,replace that thinking with
the Promise of God concerning your problem.
Do you want more of the problem? Or do you want to see the
promises of God come to pass in your life? Time to pay attention
to what you are focusing on!

You know , know, know me and you love, love, love me

Keys to Intimacy with God.
Christianity is not about a weekly trip to church.
Are you in love with Jesus?
Are you walking in obedience?
Are you bearing fruit?
Key 1- TRUTH-Let God into every area of your life. 
Guess what!  He already knows EVERYTHING about
you anyway.  Talk to God honestly
During one of the hardest trials of my life as a young
Christian, I learned this lesson.  I had gone to every Christian I could find and
every pastor I could find, trying to find peace with God.
I was being thoroughly beaten up by the devil and didn't
know anything yet about what my response should be.
I will never forget the day I learned this principle of talking
honestly to God. I was washing dishes and feeling absolutely
desperate and hopeless. I finally said to God Himself."  Lord
I've talked to everyone I can find, they all say you have
forgiven me, but I don't feel forgiven.  If you have forgiven
me, please let me know. " From that point on I knew I
was forgiven and that God loved me. And I learned a HUGE
lesson, take everything openly and honestly to Him.
Key 2-TIME-put God in first place or you will never be fulfilled.
Oh my goodness!  This seems to be our theme for the week!
Time with God. Even if you didn't take part in the 21 day fast,
start NOW!  For 21 days spend more time with God than you
usually do.  I guarantee at the end of the 21 days, you will
miss that time if you don't continue!  God loves you and wants
your attention and time.  Remember, just start somewhere!
Make it doable with your lifestyle and time commitments. Just
be consistent with whatever you decide. If it's 5 minutes in the
morning and 5 minutes at night.  Whatever you do, God will
honor and you will profit as you grow closer to Him.

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