When You Are Going Through

I have been learning something lately and 
it is so wonderful to know that you know 
that God is teaching you something new in
Him! Giving you a new perspective on things.
I was listening to a preacher on tv and she 
said God wants to be number one in your 
life.  Okay, i knew that!  And sometimes He
doesn't deliver you immediately out of what
you are going through because He knows 
that through those circumstance you WILL
lean on Him, you WILL focus on Him, He will
be number one in your thoughts and heart.
Have you ever prayed, Lord help me keep you
number one in my life?  I have and I meant
it with all my heart.  Now I'm not saying that
God makes bad things or bad circumstances
happen, not at all. BUT, I am saying that His
promise that He will make ALL things work
together for good to those who love God and
are called according to His purpose.  With that
in mind, going through the hard things in life
becomes bearable!
I know that I know that all things will work 
together for my good, God said so!  I know 
that He is in control and though circumstances
may look bad at times, He is at work.  Making
it all work for our good and helping us to keep
Him in his number one place in our hearts and
If you are in a hard place right now, get this down
in your spirit.  It's okay! God knows where I am
and He is using it all for my good and His glory.
He's using this to help me keep Him number one.
I'm not saying this will make it easy, but it will
make it doable and it will give you a rock solid
faith to stand on as you go through.

The Voice of Truth

Notes from Pastors Sermon 4-30-2017
Who are you following? John 8:31-34 Jesus said IF you
abide in my Word. If you hold to my teaching, you are
really my disciples. Are you  following tradition? Alot of
things lead people astray.  Everyone who practices sin
is a slave to sin. 
Be sober minded.  Don't turn away from listening to the
truth and wander off. 2 TImothy 4:1-5.
It is time to grow in the truth-grow up spiritually. 2 Tim 4:15
The truth stands firm.
John 14:17 Jesus is the only way to the Father.
People curse the very name that can deliver them.
Phil 2:21 Be careful what you do.  Money is for blessing.
Luke 16:14 The love of Money is the root of all evil.
Pursue God and His peace.  Go after righteousness, love.
Fight the good fight.
Proverbs15:9-10 The way of the wicked is an abomination-
there will be severe discipline for him who forsakes the way.
Listen to what God has to say.
1 Corinthians9:24-27  Run so you can win the prize.  There
is something at the end of all this.
Phil 3:12 walk in the truth no matter what.  Press on.
1 John 2:20-21Stand strong in God, endure. You are annointed
to stand. Follow the path of righteousness.
2 Cor 8:7 Excel in the Love of God. I don't care how ugly you are, I'm 
gonna love you!

Knowledge Gained By Truth

Notes from Pastor's sermon 4-23-2017
You can't blame anyone else for your sin.
God is the TRUTH.
Knowledge is gained by truth.
1 Tim. 2:7, 2 Tim 3:7,
Pray for people to come to the knowledge of God.  God desires
for all to be saved. They don't get it because they don't want it.
God wants you to learn because He loves you.
Check yourself.  There is more than just this life. There is everyday
knowledge of God in your life.  Some never come to a knowledge
of  truth.  There is a place called HELL. A place of punishment.
Matt 13:42, Matt 25:33, Luke 3:17 He separates the impure and burns
the chaff.
Ezekiel 33:1 God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked. He wants
the wicked to turn from his way and live. Turn back from evil.  Every sin
will be uncovered. He wants you to come to the knowledge of God.
Our God is truth.  John 14:6 "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one
comes to the Father but by me."
Satan is a liar and is out to destroy everyone he can.  There are demons
assigned to your children.  We cannot turn back.  We cannot fail God or
our families. John 3:18 ...let us not love with words or speech but with
actions and in truth.
You are condemned if  you remain in wickedness.  John 3:18
We have work to do here then we go to heaven.
Hebrews 9:27 " It is appointed for men to die once, but after this the
judgement." There is no judgement for the one in Christ.
John 3:3 Truly, truly, if you are not born again, you won't see the 
kingdom of God.  You can't save yourself. Is.64:6 1 Tim 2:4 God wants
all to be saved and come to the knowledge of truth.
Those who wait sometimes wait too long and it is too late.
Acts 16:31 "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved--you and your
Don't give up! The devil can't have those you love.  Don't go to heaven
without them! Realize what God has committed to you.
Phil 3:8-10
Please listen to what I am saying.  Don't give up.

Going the Distance

From Pastor's Sermon Sunday 3/26/17
God has a voice, but we have to listen.
He sees everything.  You think He doesn't see.
God is a parent, our parent. He requires action
from us.
We go through testings and trials in life.  He deals
with the heart of man.  We must apply ourselves.
Just as God told Abraham to leave what he was
familiar with, God will rattle and shake us.  Go the
distance with God.
God is long suffering. Obey Him. He is calling you
to go the distance.
Acts 13:2 While they were worshiping and fastng. they
were set apart.  Worship and fast.
Sometimes you have to sacrifice.
Don't love anything more than God. 
Don't let anyone be more important than God.
My footnote:  Our lives are not our own, we were
bought with a price.  Sometimes God calls us to
do hard things. Obey, do it. Do it as unto the Lord.
Keep a good attitude. Is this easy? No. But, calling
to mind what the Lord did for us, will help us to
submit to whatever He may require. Go the Distance!

You Were Born to Lead

Notes from Pastor's sermon Sunday:
God has called all of his children to be leaders.
No, not everyone is called to a pulpit, but everyone,
in their own life and situations is called to be a leader.
The same spirit that rested on Jesus, rests on us!
Go where God wants you to go and do what God wants
you to do. Romans 5:17 We are to reign in life and in
the life to come.  The Greek word to reign means we
are Kings..
You can come to God yourself.  You were born to lead.
Being made in his image, we were created to lead. We
are to reflect God by leading.
We rule and reign by praying.  Whatever God gives you
to do, do it with excellence.  Leadership is not about whether
you are  male or female. We are to  rule over the situation,
not over each other.  
Don't take advantage of others.  Love one another. Win 
others with love.  Serve each others in your areas of
giftings.  Ask God, and He will show you.  Each person
has leadership ability.  Don't try to be someone else.
Discover what your own giftings are.  God will lead you 
naturally into areas that you are gifted in.  Take a step and
see what God has for you.

Enjoying the Overflow

Notes from Pastor Glorias sermon 1-22-2017
God has a divine timing. When He calls you,
He prepares you. Sometimes we aren't ready
when we think we are. That takes time! We 
have to learn to follow the leadership of the
Holy Spirit. It is time to stand up and do what
He has called us to do.
The end is almost here.  It is time to re-focus.
We must learn to change.  God will lead and
guide you.  Do what He says.
Just as He sent a message to Joshua, God
is leading us.  This generation will usher in
the coming of God. God is taking us to a new
place.  "They shall eat the fruit of the land of
Have you been following the Lord?  Being 
obedient to His Word?
Those who have been serious in their walk
with the Lord will see the overflow this year,
the fruit of their labor.
When God makes a promise, He keeps it.
God is not a God that will fail.  He does
not break his covenant. He will not take 
back one word.
This life is only temporary, God gives us 
eternal life.  He gives us forgiveness. He
gives us the Holy Spirit. He gives us 
finance, healing .  He will meet your needs.
God honors his Word.  He gives you wisdom
and guidance.  
God is for you! He wants to bless you.
Trust God. If you trust God, He will supply all your
Your God will supply all your needs!
Revival is in the air.  Wait and see what He
does in this nation.  He is a God of promise.
Listen to God.  He is leading and guiding you.
He wants to set you free from all fear..
He wants you to enjoy the overflow in 2017.

As We go into the New Year…

Notes from Jeff Spring, Sunday January 15,2017
As we go into a new year, Jeff delivered such a timely
message to us Sunday.  I plan to write out these points
and post them around my house as reminders!
5 Ways to have the Favor of God in your Life:
1)  Grow up!  Quit whining and murmuring about your
situation.  Do what you can do and ask God to do the
part you can't do.
2)Do everything with a spirit of Excellence.
3)Be faithful.  Do what you say you are going to do.
4) Rule your own spirit-self control.  Know when to talk
and when to be quiet. Know when to act and when to refrain
from acting.
5)Be Humble.
Part 2-Advice for a Successful New Year:
1) Philipians 3:13...Forgetting what is behind and straining toward
what is ahead.  I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God
has called me heavenward in Christ. Jesus.
Forget what is behind.
Go Forward.
Rejoice in the Lord Always.
Think on these things: Whatever is True, Honest, Lovely
of a Good Report, Virtue, Praise.
Forget the Past-go forward.  Don't let your history define you.
It's a new day. Don get hung up in the past! How? Rejoice always-
ALL THE TIME! Rejoice-Action word- spin around as if you have
just won a great victory.  Open your mouth  and SHOUT! (just like
we would have done if the Cowboys had won yesterday!)
2) Be considerate-gracious to others, kind.
3)Don't worry.  Nothing is too big for God! Take no thought, cast
your care, quit worrying. God's got a plan, even if it may not look
like it.
4) Pray about everything.  Specifically. Pray His Word. Don't 
depend on others prayers.j
6) Learn to live in Peace-have a no drama life style.
7) Get your mind right.  Think the way God thinks.
Grow up. Push forward. Set goals-work toward them.
a) Fill your mind and heart with the Word of God
        b) Think on right things.
This is a lot of good stuff to meditate on as we fast and pray
and go into the brand new year with the Lord!

If My People…

"IF My People...
who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray
and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, THEN 
I will hear from Heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will
heal their land."  2 Chronicles 7:14
I have heard story after story of people praying, churches 
praying, churches fasting and praying, churches in a small
town each took two hours and met to pray from 7am til
polls closed.  And God heard from Heaven and selected 
the man He wants in leadership of our nation for this time.
What an encouragement to Christians everywhere to see this
huge confirmation that GOD hears His people!  Even Fox
news is calling it a miracle that Donald J. Trump won the
election.  Even Fox news acknowledged that people were
praying everywhere and this is God's answer.
How amazing that Mr. Trump chose a born again believer
to be his running mate. How amazing that not only was he
elected, but this party also won the majority in the House 
and in the Senate.  This is a set up for mighty things to 
BUT, our job is not done.  I want to challenge each of you
to continue to pray just as fervently as you did during the 
election. God has put the man in office. Psalm 75:6,7  For
promotion comes neither from the east, nor from the west,
nor from the south.  But God is the judge:  he puts down
one, and sets up another.
Let us pray for safety for Mr. Trump and his beautiful family.
Let us pray that God will guide his footsteps and give him
wisdom.  Let us pray that the members of his party will rally
behind him and help him to get the measures through and
into law that will bring our nation back to Godly standards.
Let us pray for peace, that all citizens will come together
and start on this road of change together in one accord.
Regardless of your personal preference, now that God has
spoken in such an undeniable way, let's put aside our dif-
ferences,  let's pull together.  Let's pray. 
 Let's help make America Great Again!
May God Bless You and May God Bless America!

Living Well(The Blessed Life) (Sermon notes and Scriptures)

Pastor Gloria has asked me to post her sermon notes and 
scripture references from her sermon this past Sunday.  I  
will do this when she asks along with the regular blog that
I write.
1. John 3:26-36
He who comes from above is above all.
v.30 He must increase, but I must decrease.
John 4:1-15
A. Place-Sychar-Well
B. Woman-Clay jar in her hand
v.7 Simple Request-Give me a drink
v.9How can you (Jesus) being a  Jew ask a drink from me (Samaritan) woman?
2. v.10 If you knew the gift (Jesus)
A. An offer she couldn't refuse
(She focused on law, He focused on Grace)
v.11 (Living Well) v.12, v.13
Rom. 5:15 This speaks of Grace
He didn't insist you pour me a drink
(the Lord offered Living Water)
Gen. 32 Gen 33: 18-19
Jacob wrestling with God
(Deceiver) Liar- manipulator
Means grabber.
Always struggling for more
Isaiah 12:1-3
Joy-Salvation-Out of the well- Living
A. the well will reveal it's self, source, Jesus
B.  A place-where Jesus waits, Living water
God-Jesus Jacob to His son Joseph
John 5:24
When you hear you have
Join the God life
Ps 42.11, Jsh. 55:11, Jer 2:13, Zech 13:11, Ps 36:9. Jer 17:13, Jesus is 
the foiuntain

The Fire of His Presence

From Pastor's Sermon Sunday and Monday-
God has a plan for you.
He has allowed you to go through what you are going through.
He is the absolute standard for our lives.  The law of God is solid ground.
God is absolute. He is the leader, the controller, the standard that every person is measured by.
We cannot allow ourselves to drift away from God. He is the solid ground.
Sometimes we have a divine detour in our lives.  It is in God's plan.  We can't see what is happening at the time, but He is allowing time for us to gain the skills we need to do what He has for us to do.  He is allowing time for us to grow into our shoes!  After a divine detour you may find yourself saying, "With God's help I can do this now."
Everything God does is deliberately on purpose.  He is deliberate in everything in your life.  We are not in charge of God's move, but we should join in and follow Him.
He wants to walk and talk with you.  As you grow in your relationship with Him, you will become an asset to the Kingdom of God.
God uses who He wants to use.  He often goes to someone who is not important in the world's eyes.  He uses who He wants to use. 
He is looking for those who will accept correction.  Those who will accept Him as the standard for their lives. God is the final word.

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