Awesomeness of God’s Deeds

Sunday 21 PM
Psalms 66:3  Shout for joy to God, al the earth.
David's own son stole his kingdom.
Find something in the midst of your problem to shout about.
When you feel down, shout your way through the problem.
Satan wants you to have a bad report.  When you get a bad
report, you have a choice.  Trust in God. Act like is is your answer.
Step out in faith.
How do we act in the midst of a bad report?
Praise Him in the midst of it all.
Walk right through the storm.
Ps 81:1 Sing aloud to GOd.
Find a song to sing in low times.
Encourage yourself in the Lord.
Bear up under whatever you go through.
When you are down, listen to someone who is up.
Praise God no matter what.
Ps 66:3.  Say to God.  Talk to Him.