A Spirit of Power

2 Tim 1:7 Power,Love, Sound Mind
This is what the Holy Spirit brings.
World is after your thought life. God does not lie to you.
A spirit of fear is NOT of God.Follow your dreams.
You have the mind of Christ.
Your ARE somebody in God. I can do all things through 
Christ. I can do it!
1Peter 5:8-9
 Exhort, lift up. Don't worry if you fit in or not, you are 
called by God. Clothed with humility toward one another.
Romans7:18-20 Take heed you stand, lest you fall.
You have the power to do.
Romans 7: 24-25
Gal 5:16-18
The power of the Word.
Ps 119:105
 TIm 3:16-17 All scripture is God breathed and is 
useful for teaching, rebuking correcting, training in 
Ps 1:2-3 Meditates on the Word of God.
The Power of the Blood
Heb 9:2, 9:13-14
Eph 1:7
Rev 5:9
Rom 3:25
1 Peter 1:18-19
The Power of Prayer
John 15:7
John 16:23 I tell you the truth.
John 14:13-14
John 16:23
1 John 5:14-`15
The Power of Intercession
Heb 7:5
God is infinite
James 4:3 He gives us full attention.
James 4:2 Ask with the right motives.